Travelling and passagemaking on a luxury catamaran

Why would you buy a catamaran?

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There are dozens of reasons why a catamaran-yacht is superior to a monohull and a power boat. But to understand them it is worth to pinpoint main differences between modern catamarans and typical monohull yachts and power boats. We have listed some of them for you but we are waiting for your comments and suggestions for more.


Catamarans are significantly wider than monohulls of similar size. Thanks to that, all spaces prepared for guests on the main and upper decks, including living areas of the cockpit, saloon and flybridge are much larger and offer much better space arrangement. Comparing any of the Sunreef catamarans (both sail and power) to typical monohull vessels of the same size will show, that catamarans offer almost twice the space of the monohull. And that is not only  additional square meters the client win but also ability to accommodate additional options not available on monohulls of the same length, for example larger faster and more comfortable tender or jacuzzi (even on a 60 footer).


Thanks to large distance between two hulls and proper weight distribution, catamarans offer much better stability. There is no heeling known from sail monohulls or unpleasant rolling while at anchor so typical for power boats. That seriously improves comfort of cruising and lets everyone, including those more sensitive to motion responsible for sea sickness enjoy time spent aboard.


With all the space and great stability all Sunreef Yachts offer, spending time aboard is nothing but a pleasure. Even the smallest catamarans from the Sunreef range offer elegant and comfortable lounging areas outdoors, top quality customized interiors and are equipped with practical full size, home-style appliances. On a catamaran of a certain size there is no need to compromise on the comfort which boat owners and their guests are used to from their homes – it is possible to accommodate a large number of guests, dine and rest comfortably in one of the nicely arranged areas indoors or outdoors no matter whether cruising on the ocean, anchored in the bay or moored in the marina. Sunreef catamarans are basically the best for living aboard, cruising around the globe, luxury charters or exclusive events organized for most demanding guests.


All catamarans designed by Sunreef Yachts offer several independent lounge areas as well as cabins located in two separate hulls for more privacy. You can be sure that boat owners and their guests will always be able to relax comfortably, even with several friends aboard. Crew quarters are also separated from guest areas and all technical systems are arranged in such a way, that crew can handle navigation as well as regular maintenance without disturbing anyone else.


With saloon and internal navigation station centrally located on the main deck and surrounded with large panoramic windows it is always possible to spend time indoors without loosing great views – unlike sail monohulls where saloons are located below the main deck area and usually does not offer much visibility at all. It is also important to mention, that on all Sunreef catamarans the  internal navigation station allows the owner and his crew to drive the boat from a safe, comfortable, fully sheltered area.


Catamarans, thanks to reduced drag are known for their great performance. The entire weight of the boat is split into two separate hulls (pontoons), reasonably narrow below the waterline that generate lower resistance than monohulls. Thanks to that catamarans, no matter whether sail or power, can reach certain speeds using smaller and more efficient propulsion systems, consuming considerably less fuel which extends their range. To give a clear example, 70 Sunreef Power, a very luxurious yacht loaded with comfortable options can reach 25 knots of speed with just 2 economical engines of 800 hp each, while a typical power monohull of the same size will need the power of at least 2 engines of 1200 hp each, burning much more fuel, which seriously limits its range.


All Suneref Yachts catamarans are designed as ocean going vessels and can easily cover large distances. Thanks to good performance of the hull, economy of installed systems, low consumption as well as possibility of carrying big amounts of fuel, Sunreef Power Yachts have autonomy allowing trans-oceanic passages. Sunreef sail catamarans can also navigate in all waters, with their range under sails practically unlimited.


Catamarans, which are stabilized by proper weight distribution and do not require long deep keels  have significantly lower draft than monohulls (especially sail boats). It allows them to cruise on shallow waters as well as reach marinas or bays with serious draft restrictions.


Two engines located far from one another (in the aft of each hull) combined with a bow thruster  controller from the helm station on the flybridge make maneuvering more than easy. Most owners or skippers will find it much easier and more comfortable to get into even the smallest corners of the marina with a larger catamaran that a monohull.


As most of the systems on larger catamarans are doubled, owners and crews can be sure that they will always be able to get back to a safe place. Two independent engines, two propellers, two rudders give a lot of security.


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